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Designing Solutions for Maternal and Infant Health

Mark Juravic


Mark Juravic, MS
Materna Medical

Mark Juravic is the CEO of Materna Medical, a medical device company developing devices to prevent and treat pelvic floor disorders in women. Materna's first device intends to prevent pelvic muscle injuries that commonly occur during childbirth, and their second device is used to treat patients suffering from pelvic pain. Mark has a Masters degree in Bioengineering from UCSD, and over 15 years of experience in the medical device industry. He began his career in device design, pre-clinical and project management roles at Guidant Corp. While participating in the Stanford Biodesign class, Mark founded Materna Medical and has been operating as the companies CEO since 2010. In his role, Mark has raised all funding for the company, manages all of Materna’s employees and consultants, organized Materna’s initial clinical studies, and supervises all other aspects of the company.

2016 Scientific Advisory Board: 
2016 Topics: 
Advancements in Perinatal Care